Elizabeth G. Cohen, President - beth@bandbtrans.com

Beth has been involved in the school bus business since 1989 when B and B Transportation, Inc. was formed. Beth's experience in the fields of accounting, business, and human resources has helped B and B Transportation, Inc. grow to a company with 75 employees. In addition to managing a multimillion dollar school bus company, Beth is the Transportation Coordinator for the Woodbridge Public Schools, Amity High School, Amity Middle School Bethany, and Hopkins School.

Brad A. Cohen, Vice President - brad@bandbtrans.com

Brad has been involved in the school bus industry since 1981. He is currently a State of Connecticut School Bus Master Instructor. He is also the Vice President of COSTA (Connecticut Operators of School Transportation Association). Brad has been a member of COSTA since 1989 and a board member for the past 23 years. Brad's knowledge in training and State of Connecticut school bus law are vital to the safe and efficient operation of B and B Transportation, Inc. Brad will occasionally drive a school bus route because he enjoys being a part of the heart of the business.

Carol Frame, Financial Service Administrator  - carol@bandbtrans.com

Carol joined Brad and Beth in the office in October 1995. Beth and Carol had worked together previously and when B and B Transportation, Inc. was in need of a full time bookkeeper, Beth called Carol who happened to be available. Carol began doing many miscellaneous tasks, but the company has grown to where Carol's full time responsibilities are accounting and payroll. Carol's willingness to learn new and improved accounting systems has kept B and B Transportation, Inc. up to date with the most modern accounting systems.

Dane Pallotto, Financial Analyst - Dane@bandbtrans.com

Kathy Walker, Human Resources Manager - Kathy@bandbtrans.com   

Steve Altschuler,  Facilities and Compliance Manager - steve@bandbtrans.com

Steve joined the B and B Transportation staff in 2005.  As the Fleet and Facilities Manager it is his responsibility to ensure that all bus registrations, maintenance records and warranties are  current and in compliance with State and Federal regulations.  Steve also plays an integral role in ensuring for the smooth running of our computer and telephone systems. 

Brett Pallotto, Fleet Manager -  brett@bandbtrans.com

Brett has been with B and B Transportation since 2005 and has full responsibility for the garage operations.  Because of his knowledge, skills, and passion for buses, he has brought the B and B Transportation fleet of buses from a good level to an excellent level of performance.  Brett takes pride in every vehicle that pulls out of the bus yard.  It is because of his hard work that B and B Transportation has achieved the highest safety rating for five consecutive years.